Why Local Businesses Need A Website in 2021

a pest control website being designed

As evident by the figures, many pest control companies are hesitant to set up a website for themselves. The reasons can be varying, but the consequence is the same: losing out on customers who are looking for local businesses like yours online. Local businesses, which are vital for the economy, must get a website in […]

Retain More Pest Control Clients In 2021

pest control technician meeting a client

The pest control industry is growing by leaps and bounds as the years roll by. Large amounts of revenue are being generated every year by pest control companies. What used to be small companies with just one-two workers showing up at houses are now leveraging digital marketing tactics to get pest control clients to grow […]

Creating a Holistic Pest Control Marketing Strategy

This led to the definition of the word turned overused buzzword “synergy,” and gave birth to holistic theory with a seemingly simple — and somewhat vague — statement. While it may be mildly sacrilegious to say so, approaching your marketing strategy to get more pest control leads from a holistic standpoint does not mean you pray […]

What is Inbound Marketing for Pest Control?

man talking to leads got through inbound marketing

While pest control companies are generally known for their low-tech, high-volume sales approach, technology is playing an ever-increasing role in how pest control companies find clients. Case in point: pest control companies are now embracing inbound marketing techniques to attract new customers, engage with existing customers, and refocus the way they think about traditional marketing […]