How to Use Targeted CTAs in Your Content Marketing

Content can be the fuel for your lead generation by funneling traffic to your landing pages. But many companies start content marketing without keeping an eye on their conversion and revenue objectives. Brand awareness is fine and good, but a company needs to know that their content is bringing in new customers. Therefore, it’s important […]

5 Factors Influencing Your Email Marketing Open Rates (Other than Subject Lines)

You’ve finally been convinced that email marketing is your pathway to increased sales. You’ve seen the dismal conversion results of social media networking and are ready to put the power of email outreach to work for your brand. You understand enticing subject lines can make or break your email campaigns. But did you know there […]

5 Ways to Incorporate People-Focused Marketing Into Your Online Business

For many marketing experts, the time has come to embrace people-focused marketing. It’s time to move away from concentrating solely on technology and SEO wizardry and to focus on what truly counts: what customers think and feel when they engage with online businesses. There is a major difference between people-centered marketing and device-focused approaches. In […]

5 Essential Tips For Developing A Small Business Marketing Strategy

Building a thriving small business is a feat of unimaginable fortitude.Give yourself props from sticking with it this long. Many small businesses fail within their first five years; if yours is to beat the odds, it is imperative you develop a small business marketing strategy. Whether you are a female founder, a new franchisee, or […]

How Small Businesses Can Develop an Enduring Brand

Some brands are seemingly immortal. Nike’s “Just Do It,” for example, is synonymous with the brand. Your small business faces the task of creating a similarly enduring brand if it wants to stand the test of time. Here are a few things you can do to achieve that: Keep Things Short and Sweet There is […]

How to Create a Landing Page that Gets Results

If you have something to sell online, you need a solid landing page to attract buyers and win them over. A great landing page will convert browsers to buyers, while a poorly designed one will send those shoppers fleeing. It is easy to over-complicate the creation of a landing page, and many online sellers do […]