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5 Factors Influencing Your Email Marketing Open Rates (Other than Subject Lines)

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You’ve finally been convinced that email marketing is your pathway to increased sales. You’ve seen the dismal conversion results of social media networking and are ready to put the power of email outreach to work for your brand.

You understand enticing subject lines can make or break your email campaigns. But did you know there are other factors that can also significantly influence your email conversion rates? Before you fire off that next email newsletter to your subscriber list, make sure you’re paying attention to the following five factors.

Have A Relevant And Clear Landing Page

If you want any chance at all of converting email subscribers to paying customers, your landing page game needs to be strong. Getting subscribers to click on your CTA (call to action) is tough enough; send them to a feeble landing page and all your hard work is for naught.

From the layout design of your landing page to the mobile responsiveness of your site, each component can impact your conversion rate.

Craft Compelling Email Copy

Copy is the number one factor influencing email marketing conversion rates. Both your email and your landing page copy needs to be optimized for success. This isn’t the time to skimp on a writer or hire a content mill worker to create your copy.

Professional copywriters (not content writers) are expensive, but their work can make all the difference in whether your email campaigns flop or flourish. If you do only one thing to increase your email marketing ROI, hire a professional copywriter to craft your content.

Understand Email Performance With Audience Analysis

Detailed audience analysis is another critical component of top-performing email marketing. Send the wrong email content to the wrong audience and you’ll end up on subscribers’ block lists faster than you can say customer segmentation.

Brands failing to take the time to understand their subscribers are wasting their time sending emails with little to no chance of success. This is why it is absolutely critical to gather as many details as possible about your subscribers when they offer you their email address.

Respect their confidence in your business and only offer them content that is valuable and helpful.

Have Unmistakable Calls-to-Action’s (CTA’s)

A General wouldn’t lead troops into battle with a half-hearted “everyone for themselves” or “I think we should head that way”. You can’t expect your email subscribers to perform desired actions if you’re not clear on the actions you want them to take.

Understand why you’re sending an email and tailor your CTA to achieve the desired result. This is another reason why you need a professional copywriter at your service; something as simple as the copy on your CTA button can have a huge impact on your campaign success rates.

Timing Emails Can Get More Opened

email inbox

You’ve probably heard the expression “timing is everything” a million times. In email marketing, timing definitely is everything. Send your email missives on the wrong day or at an inopportune time and you’re dooming your campaign to dismal results.

Understand your audience and send your emails according to their preferences, not when your office staff has time to attend to your latest outreach campaign. Understand when your target audience is likely to be the most receptive to an email from your company and when they’re likely to hit the spam button and send your email to the dead pile.

Failure to time your email marketing outreach correctly can significantly impact your open rates and sales conversions.

While email subject lines are important, they are not the only factor influencing your email marketing success. Pay attention to these other five factors and you just might have a chance at converting subscribers to customers.

Email marketing is incredibly important in today’s mobile-enabled, social media-fueled world. When you get the chance to make an appearance in a consumer’s email inbox, you better not waste the opportunity. Will you be upgrading your email outreach efforts this year by incorporating these five tips into your customer acquisition strategy?


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