Growing Your Local Business with Digital Marketing

finding business on local maps

When your business only serves a specific region, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing you need to aim for offline marketing methods exclusively. After all, the internet is global, so it isn’t as effective if you want to advertise only for a specific region, right? While many people think that way, this […]

Site Structure and Navigation for SEO: Why They Matter

man designing website navigation

Think about the last time you went to a website that you hadn’t been to before. How easy was it to find what you were looking for? If it wasn’t easy, chances are you left that website pretty quickly. It’s deceptively simple, but this is why site structure and navigation are so important for SEO. […]

How Much Should A Small Business Spend On Marketing

man looking at his small business budget

A marketing budget is essential for a business to attract more customers and succeed. According to the US Small Business Administration, a rule of thumb is to set the marketing budget up to 5% of total revenues. However, there are other factors that you need to consider when making a marketing budget. If you’re a […]

Digital marketing ideas for well drilling companies

By marketing the right way, you’ll be able to reach out to many more customers in the near future. Read through this guide for ideas on how to market a well drilling business. Setup Social Media For Your Well Drilling Company You’re going to want to build your company a social media profile page. This […]

8 Content Marketing Best Practices You Need to Know

 But with so many options available to them, standing out on the internet can be difficult for companies. If you want to drive more traffic to you company’s website, you need to create unique and valuable content. The best way to get your audience to notice you is through content creation. Although content comes easier […]

7 Essential Content Marketing Truths to Boost Your Audience Outreach ROI

Effective content marketing is hard work. You can try a spray-and-pray approach to content outreach, but good luck deriving significant ROI for your efforts. In order to offer effective content marketing to your audience, you must be prepared to do the work necessary and develop a multi-pronged approach for maximum return on investment. Integrate the […]

5 Bad Buyer Persona Habits That Lead To Useless Content

The creation of actionable buyer personas allows you to identify and speak directly to your client’s target audience through valuable web content. A strict focus on the pain points and ideal solutions for the identified personas not only attracts traffic to each website but it also increases brand awareness, trust, and conversion. Every piece of […]

The Role of Content in the Future of Search Engine Optimization

Where search engine optimization (SEO) once heavily relied on shady tactics and other unscrupulous methods of tricking search engines, now it focuses around user experience that in turn is based on content strategy. Today, content is at the heart of SEO. Compared to how SEO was conducted during the days of black hat strategy, this […]

Explainer Videos 101 – 5 Essential Factors Businesses and Marketers Need to Understand

Business development via video is essential. Offering video content in addition to text-based content is no longer a choice; if your business isn’t engaging potential customers via video, prepare to lose business to video-savvy competitors. For maximum ROI, explainer videos should be part of your growth marketing strategy. Explainer videos are not only entertaining, they’re […]

Common Mistakes When Marketing Automation is Implemented Too Quickly

Marketing automation is a valuable tool when it comes to executing on your overall marketing strategy. While automation done correctly will build your customer base and strengthen leads, there are common mistakes made when you are trying to rush the process of integrating marketing automation techniques into your campaign. If you find yourself suddenly working […]